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We founded this company to create a worldwide platform connecting people that share these common interests; self care and holistic health. We empower you through education and experiences, based on the principle, "when you start with healing yourself, then you can heal the world." 

Aloe Me is a play on the words for allow me. Allow me to be open; allow me to love; allow me to discover myself. Ultimately, Allow Me to help you. Aloe is a beautiful plant that is primarily grown in the southwestern part of the United States where we are from.



For the past ten years Allie has been working in the beauty industry, traveling the world, and learning about other practices women use for beauty and health. She has been teaching for years now, all about skin care, holistic wellness, basics of nutrition, and business strategies to future Cosmetologists and Estheticians. Her love and passion for teaching holistic health and wellness grew when she became a yoga instructor and Ayurveda Nutritional Counselor. She seeks to close the gap between these modalities through her knowledge and expertise in these subjects to include more holistic health practices in the beauty industry.

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Nikki is an innovative, licensed massage therapist, esthetician, and soon to be Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During her vigorous studies, she observes traditional healing methods and is blending them with new ways to upgrade your health, by integrating bio-hacking techniques.  This provides the client with the biggest ROI (Return on Investment) on their precious investment, time.

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