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Have you ever wanted to experience a yoga retreat or take a wellness vacation but you are not able to take time away for yourself? Maybe your business is taking all of your time or your children have too many things happening that even sparing a thought for a vacation is tiresome and definitely not happening in the near future.


Are you feeling stuck; exhausted; suffocating under the force of society’s expectations. We hear you! We hear your pain, your struggles, your sleepless nights. At Aloe Me Holistic Health we have listened to your cry out for a recess; a break in the continuum of go, go, go mentality. We are here to give you this precious reprieve, a respite for your body, mind and spirit. We will give you the support you need to take on the world and the tools to empower you to sustain your wellness.

What's Included

it's time to treat you and your loved ones 

This is a touch therapy class where we incorporate deeply therapeutic yoga poses with relaxing massage.

an hour Integrated Yoga/Massage session


This peaceful meditation session includes aromatherapy, a guide to walk you

through your meditation garden, a white stone for new beginnings as well as a

meditation mala bracelet.

30 minute meditation session


A relaxing, therapeutic mini face treatment to help you relax even further. 

Organic Face Treatment 


Our Yoga Instructor will help you find your Dosha based on Ayurvedic Medicine principles and provide a description of the various foods that are beneficial for you. A fresh meal will be served during this workshop that is geared to your Dosha.


your Dosha Workshop


Following the detox before you retox principles, we will serve clean crafted vegan wine to adults (21 and over). This wine is clean crafted from Scout and Cellar and is paleo/keto friendly meaning you are enjoying a purely organic wine that will keep you feeling great and is minus the next day hangover.

Vegan Wine Tasting



Contact us for package rates, groups pricing and any other questions or concerns you have about Seeds of Wellness.

We hope you will give Aloe Me the opportunity to

elevate your health and well being.

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