• Nikki

The Beginning. The Journey. Dietary Narcolepsy.

I began my health journey in 2015 when I realized being tired and angry all the time was not a normal state of being. Years before that, I would fall asleep during films I really wanted to watch. I would be tired after eating a meal, I would drag my feet to get out of bed, and would sleep all day if I got the chance. Today, I do the opposite and can’t express how amazing this change is! What a treat it is to rewatch movies I never finished originally because of what I term, “dietary narcolepsy,” which is falling asleep whenever you stop running around.

“Dietary Narcolepsy” is not an official diagnosis and undoubtedly many allopathic practitioners will not agree that it is a real problem. You may have heard about the term adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are located at the top of your kidneys, and they secrete important hormones such as cortisol (for your stress response) and sex hormones (bow chickawowow). When too much cortisol is secreted caused by the incredible amount of stress we constantly put ourselves under, our expression of sex hormones is suppressed which can lead to dysfunction in the bedroom. Simply put, adrenal fatigue can happen during times of extreme stress and worry, and the symptoms are exacerbated with a poor diet and stimulant use such as energy drinks full of sugar and other chemicals we can not pronounce. Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue are: forever exhausted, trouble waking up in the morning, body aches, general malaise, etc. (This symptom list is not conclusive and is in no way meant to diagnose. If you are having these symptoms it is always best to be seen by a Medical Doctor).

How did I rid myself of Dietary Narcolepsy? By taking my health seriously and meticulously picking what I put in and on my body. Every day is an experiment, and I am still learning about new and improved products that help us handle the load of toxins we are exposed to every single day. Toxins such as the pesticides present in the food we eat, the toxic chemicals in our makeup, the additives in our beverages, the EMF from our phones and computers, etc. All of these chemicals negatively affect our health. Fortunately, there are many alternatives available to us now that will help mitigate the effects of these toxins, and which we will explore in future posts.


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